by Melopea

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Mindgarden is the first album of the Swiss Art Rock band Melopea. It consists of 10 inventive rock songs, ranging from prog rock through folk rock to hard and psychedelic rock. Mindgarden stands for a journey through the band's heads, so be prepared for a multitude of influences, lyrics about love & peace and spaced out guitar solos.


released January 18, 2014

copyright 2014 by Melopea, published 2014 by Melopea & 23point5


all rights reserved



Melopea Wohlen, Switzerland

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Track Name: Forget to Love Again
then i think again
that i’m over the hill
and far away from you

and then it feels alright
by day when i’m awake
but not at night

cause the sun is a spotlight
and you’re just playing a role
and the moon is just the small lamp of your
backstage room

and the one who creates my dreams
the only one who knows me
he may will say to me

forget to love again

suddenly i hear
something knocking at my ear

are you about to forget me?
leave me alone
are you about to forget me?
Track Name: Man on the Bench
sit on my bench in the crowded city
look at the busy people with pity
they have no time to have a stand
always running with their mobiles in their hands

every day opens a new food line
to shorten their lunch time
they have no time to admire the nature
economy just formed a working creature

i‘m sitting on my bench all day
relaxing taking time just my way
i‘m not scared of any stress
and think they all should do less

the woman who sits next to me
tells me her story – i have to agree
she says that she comes here always alone
cause her man works on – to the bone

he has no time to take her out
not even time to think about
his company has to be bigger and faster
one day she‘s sure there will be a disaster

the trees, they do it alright
never have any fi ght
just standing there growing piece by piece
yes they live in freedom – in freedom and peace
Track Name: (You're the) Love of My Life
when i look into your eyes
i’m sure the right is by my side
i’ll never give you away you’ll be mine
from today ‘till the day i die

hey little girl you’re my shining star
you don’t know how important you are
i never had this lovely feeling before
you’re the reason i am living for

babe i hope you see
what you are for me
you’re the love of my life

forever i hold you in my arms
our love is magic your smile charms
fi nally i’ve found what i’m looking for
you’re my love and i am yours
Track Name: Ten O'Clock
stop having fun
cause it’s ten o’clock
stop having fun
cause it’s ten o’clock
yes it’s ten o’clock – in the evening

and at the same time
young people having fun
drunk from love and wine
dance to become one

and suddenly the music stops
and there’s an ugly noise instead
it’s the voice of two fat cops
with guns but dumb like bread

and they say

stop having fun
cause it’s ten o‘clock
stop having fun
cause it’s ten o‘clock
yes it’s ten o‘clock – in the evening
Track Name: The Advice
old man when is the point
to become serious
was that my last joint
before diving into business

old man they use to tell me
that i shall think about
how i expect to be
with money or without

i ask you cause you’re old and wise
is it true what they say shall i follow their advice

life means wasting time my boy
that’s all that i have learned
tomorrow will be yesterday
there’s no reason to be
all i know listen my boy
it’s easy to get burned
but if you’re wasting time my boy
you’re free

old man sometimes i fear
that i will never find
someone to be near
someone to mate my mind

can i miss the train
or will it wait for me
is it just a game
where the rule is to be
Track Name: Rebels Come to Town
the sky is dark the time has come
people are yelling for peace and freedom
in a world without democracy without love and without rights
to get what belongs to you you have to fight

the ruler in his castle preaching to his marionettes
you have to kill the rebels before you go to bed
but the ruler’s time has come and the regime‘s about to drown
the threats become too loose and the rebels come to town

the rebels come to town
and the wind of change will blow
the rebels come to town
and injustice will go

the palace is decaying an the throne is rotten
and the rulers of today will soon be forgotten
the ruler‘s obedient sheep begin to grind their teeth
become more and more like wolves and revolution begins to breathe

the ruler calls his soldiers but his soldiers won‘t arrive
they once have fought for him now they fight for life
the evil mighty ruler slowly becomes a clown
he starts to run away because the rebels are in town
Track Name: Time Has Changed
time has changed
nothing‘s like before
time has changed
we cannot ignore

time we wasted
no one gives us back
time we wasted
we must make amends

year for year i grew older
saw the problems appear
society seems to get colder
where is the social gear

as a child everything looked lovely
the only worry was to tie my shoes
i don‘t want to sound pessimistically
but we have to change our rules

to the baker of war and weapons
you better don‘t mess with love
don‘t underrate the working class people
let fly the white dove

imagine a brotherhood of man
just like lennon said
we are a new generation and
must try to change the world

time must change
can‘t live like before
time must change
we cannot ignore

time we’re saving
nature gives us back
time we’re saving
we must not make slack

love will change it
Track Name: On the Other Side of Time
swimming in the sea of thousand drops of water
but much much too light to dive
with every single meter i push many aside
will i be swimming ’till the end of my life

then i hear a voice
riding on the wind
almost lost in space
and i know who sent it out
on the other side of time

walking through the desert of thousand grains of sand
but much much too light to leave a track
the heat sucks out my energy and burns my mind
there is no difference between the ground and my back

then i see a hair
riding on the wind
almost fairly grey
and i know who let it fall

then i feel a breath
riding on the wind
almost fully chilled
and i know who set it free
on the other side of time
Track Name: Let's Love
haven‘t you seen your brothers dying
so take a look at the news
they’re shooting and they’re torturing
black, white, muslims and jews

hey lets’ try it the other way
the other way – let’s try it once with love
hey let’s try it the other way
the other way – let’s try it once with love

let’s love

let’s love ’till the end of
love ‘till the end of – the day
you’ll see it’s better
it’s better if you try it with love
you’ll see it’s better
it’s better if you try it with love

do you think it’s too far away
do you think hollywood is nearer
do you think it’s enough to just pray
i can’t pray with bloody hands
Track Name: Home
when i’m hungry and out
and full of doubts
don’t know anymore
the man i was before

when i’m only living
for serving and giving
when the curtain’s closing
and i go on posing

then i hear the sound
of your voices and i know
that i’m back back on the ground
that you hold me ‘till i go
you fill my heart with love
like the angels from above
make me solid like an oak
stand with me under my yoke

my home is there where your laughter is ringing
you’re the ones that make me function
the ones that make me singing

when i knock at my skin
is there anybody in
can you hear me boy
it’s me your toy

when my mind is out there
and i don’t know where
calling me from far away
and yesterday

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